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Learn about Solar PV: The Wave of the Future!

Join the wave of the future – attend the Illinois Renewable Energy Association’s Solar PV class. Learn about what solar electricity is, how it’s produced, how we can use it, and how you can actually install a solar system.

On Saturday, May 20th, 2017 from 10 am – 3 pm, a hands-on solar PV class will be offered at 1230 E. Honey Creek Rd., Oregon, IL (IREA Headquarters).  After a power point presentation from a well known certified local installer, class members will actually put together a solar electric system, plug it in a see it work, then dismantle it. The experience will help take the mystery out of solar; many members of previous classes have installed solar themselves, or at least helped with the installation.

The fee for the class is $20 for IREA members and $40 for non-IREA members (includes membership). For those interested in a pizza lunch, there will be another $5 fee.

To register, send name, phone no, email address and check to:


c/o S. Vogl, Treasurer

1230 E. Honey Creek Rd.

Oregon, IL  61061

Preregistration is required. For more information, email or phone 815-732-7332.


The IREA offers half day classes in solar electricity and wind power each spring and fall.

To be placed on the list, email

Sonia Vogl
1230 E. Honey Creek Rd.
Oregon, IL  61061













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