Blue Wave Solar

Laura Adelman

Community solar company based in Boston but with farms and subscriptions available across multiple states, soon to include Illinois.


Citizens Utility Board

Anairis Boror

CUB is a non-profit, statewide utility watchdog organization created by the Illinois Legislature in 1983 to work for lower gas, electric, and telephone rates. CUB claims to have saved Illinois consumers more than $20 billion fighting proposed utility rate increases. Also supported the lllinois Clean Jobs bill.


Dancing Rabbit

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community in rural Missouri that is a model for a more sustainable way of living by greatly reducing use of fossil fuel by building strawbale, passive solar houses and sharing resources. They have their own renewable power grid, a vehicle co-op, and grow food organically.                                


Electric bikes, generator, cookers

Joseph Appell

Solar Motor-Home
Solar Generator
Solar powered yard tools (lawn mower, cultivator, chain saw, weed whacker, blower, hedge trimmers) The motor-home solar charge controller, inverter and lithium batteries outside of the RV for viewing.


Faith in Place

Dan Huntsha

Starting a Green Team is the most impactful way over the long-term to inspire your house of worship to care for the Earth. Focus on how Faith in Place can partner with you long term to help you start a Green Team, or strengthen your existing Green Team by connecting your faith community’s spiritual practices and traditions with concerns and solutions for our shared land, water, and air, and justice for our neighbors.

Happy Leaf LED

Polly McGann, Victor Zaderej & B.J. Miller

LED plant grow light uses very little energy, provides essential spectrum light for vegetables: leafy plants, tomatoes, strawberries, eggplant, etc.

Heartland Criations

Kathy Albert

Heartland "Criations" Alpacas LLC specializes in raising Suri alpacas and sells raw and finished alpaca products, including:  socks, scarves, hats, gloves, blankets, rugs, yarn, roving, felted art, teddy bears, beans (manure) and more!  Alpaca fiber is lanolin free, thus making it hypoallergenic.  Alpaca fiber is warmer than wool, wicks moisture away from the body, feels like cashmere, and the products last!

Homegrown Plants

Connie Chan

Selling homegrown plants and birdhouses.


Illinois Greens

David Black

Promoting the understanding of Green values


Teague Dickey

Installs solar PV systems and discusses group purchases of PV in which several people agree to work with the same installer. The program saves purchasers the expense and time needed to obtain an installer and the installer the time and expense of finding purchasers and selling the idea to numerous purchasers.


Beverly Broyles

Works to keep Northern Illinois Beautiful through reducing waste.


Ogle Co. Democrats

Jim Bryant  

Ogle County Democrats recognize that life on Earth is our most precious resource.  We strive to locate, recruit and elect Democratic representatives who share that view and will work locally, nationally and globally to maintain air, water and earth quality necessary for future generations to sustain life on this planet.


Oregon Soap Shoppe

Michael Olson

Handmade luxury soaps – shampoo, shave and shower with every bar. No plastic bottles to. Throw away. New “bugg off” soap.


Prairie Preservation Society of Ogle County

Russell Brunner

Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting high quality natural areas


Sierra Club

Steven Hall

Working for clean air, safer water, land protection, and a vibrant natural world. Getting people outside to enjoy the natural world.



Dave Merrill 

Locally, personally run business focusing on installing PV systems with the help of the homeowner.


Water Furnace

Scott Niesen 

Also known as geothermal, heat pumps are publicized as a cost effective way to heat and cool a home.




The Kitchen Table

Serving smoothies, wraps and fresh corn on the cob.


The Kitchen Table is a community cafe where everyone is welcome! We are a north-central Illinois pay-what-you-can/want community cafe' feeding the hungry while giving others the opportunity to pay it forward.



Community Sharing


Overabundance Farmers Market

Bring your extra veggies, fruit, plants and seeds to share with other fairgoers.

Secondhand Books

Bring your used books and magazines to share with others.