Tesla Powerwall

The dilemma with relying entirely on electrical grid in today’s world is that our source of electricity tends to be fixed during certain hours of the day. However, our collective consumption keeps changing throughout that same timeframe.

Problems may arise when this volatility is combined with an electricity supply that is stagnant. At Illinois Renewables, we’re on the cutting edge of technology that can enable people to live continuous, seamless lives.

How Tesla Powerwall Benefits You

Energy storage devices are a set of devices made to enhance the quality and dependability of power while managing the flow of electricity during periods of peak demand. Powerwall, a Tesla product, instantly recognizes grid outages and switches to provide power to your home.

As an approved Tesla distributor, Illinois Renewables is pleased to offer the Powerwall. When coupled with solar power, the cutting-edge technology will satisfy all of your home’s power needs all by itself.

Even in the case of a power outage, Powerwall might provide reliable power for over a week.

The typical 2,600 square-foot home can be powered by just two Powerwalls. You can charge the solar panels throughout the day and use stored electricity from the Powerwall at night.

It allows you to optimize the self-consumption of photovoltaic systems by substituting electricity from the power network with stored energy from the solar arrangement after the sun sets. It is totally automatic, simple to install, and requires no maintenance!

Illinois Tesla Powerwall Installation

Depending on your needs and the layout of your home, we can place a Powerwall on the wall or the ground.

It is small and has a nice, understated look that is suitable for both children and pets. Its relatively small size makes installation effortless because we may put it in a wide range of usable spots around the property.

Your Powerwall will be installed safely and accurately thanks to our skilled installation. These experts can evaluate your property and make sure the Powerwall is fitted in a suitable location with the appropriate fittings to be safe, reliable, and functional for full compliance with the Tesla warranties.

Using the Tesla App

One of the features that Tesla offers with its battery storage solution is a user-friendly interface to manage and monitor your energy supplies.

You can keep track of the energy use and output in your house in real-time with the Tesla software. Adjust your settings to maximize savings, outage prevention, or emission reduction.

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