About Us

Illinois Renewables takes great pride in being a 100% local business. Our extensive knowledge in the local market and years of pleased clients in the solar industry help us stand out from the rest.

As a locally owned and operated solar company, we offer all you need to go solar. Our knowledge and experience also include permits and a strong background in roof installation and general construction as well as electronics and renewable power.

We provide all system design, construction, financing, utility hookup, and building license solutions ourselves. This gives you a quick turnaround time, ideal customer interaction, and extra savings!

In all of our bids and contracts, you’ll see that we are meticulous and straightforward, minimizing unclear proposals and presenting to you the ideal solution for your property or commercial building.

Professional Installation

Our goal is to help the community by providing the best products, at the best prices, and at the highest standards imaginable.

With years of expertise installing solar systems, our company employs expert photovoltaic installation personnel. And, since we handle 100% of the process, we‘re able to keep high standards of performance, customer service, and ongoing provision.

The combination of our extensive experience, competitive pricing, competent team, as well as our endless research in high-quality materials and craftsmanship makes us the best value for you to go solar.



Contact Us Today!

Are you looking for a seasoned and trustworthy partner in Illinois for your residential, commercial, and industrial solar needs?

Property owners and anyone else can get assistance from Illinois Renewable, a seasoned solar developer, at every stage of a solar project. We cover a wide range of areas, including compliance for photovoltaic panels on new houses, commercial lot deployments, deep-cycle power storage for renewable power, and much more.

Our expertise enables us to adapt to your needs and tailor each project to your unique objectives.

With our help, owners of vacant lots, new bits of land, or locations that are now underutilized but might be used to generate renewable energy and other forms of income can experience significant returns on their investments.