Commercial Solar Panels

Solar array installation for businesses is one of our specializations. We have years of experience, and we are confident that we can offer your business a variety of long-term advantages.

Our consultants will come to your facility to evaluate your energy requirements and create a unique solution that takes into consideration both your existing operations and potential future growth. 

From securing the necessary permits to conducting the last inspection, we manage every step of the installation procedure.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

In order to create a solar solution that suits your space, energy requirements, growth plan, and finances, our consultants first conduct a complete analysis of your business and collaborate closely with you.

Then, in order to maximize the benefits of your new commercial solar system and reduce the impact on your regular business operations, we develop installation timelines, hardware alternatives, and electrical grid connectivity.

If necessary, our advisors will give you advice on how to pay for the new setup using payment plans and nationwide and Illinois solar tax benefits. On commercial solar system and energy-efficiency projects, we can provide financing of up to $2 million.

Additionally, we can assist you in utilizing government subsidies, tax deductions, and other government benefits that will lower the cost of solar energy.

From getting permissions to the last inspection, our project manager will be responsible for all the operations. You and your business team can observe the development of the solar project every step of the way through the private project website.

Every commercial solar system receives SRECs. How many SRECs a structure gets annually depends on its size; those credits are similar to commodities that may be sold through a reseller.

Illinois Renewables has worked with merchants who manage the distribution of these credits and will help you with the procedure that could save you up to 28% of the overall cost of installation.

Which Kinds of Commercial Structures Can Use Solar Energy?

In the past, Illinois Renewables has put solar panels on commercial, agricultural, recreational, and storage buildings.

Simply said, we’ll need to develop a strategy that makes use of the building’s available roof area. Additionally, our personnel might be able to create custom solutions utilizing carport or ground-mounted technologies.

There aren’t many restrictions on the kinds of structures and enterprises that can use solar energy. Additionally, the biggest solar energy system isn’t always the best. We’ll create one that most closely fits your requirements and price range.