Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels can reduce your energy costs and contribute to nature conservation. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the sun’s energy is captured and transformed into useful electricity to support your convenient lifestyle.

Residential Solar Installation Process

First, our experienced Illinois solar consultants will conduct a solar assessment to see if your house is a fine fit for our solar solutions. In this step, we will mainly look for significant shading issues and evaluate the age and state of your roof before asking you about your requirements.

Then, we evaluate your electric bill. Every statement outlines your history for the previous year. We then generated a very detailed and precise report based on your consumption and the amount you are paying for electricity.

If your property is eligible for solar power, our design team will now get to work designing a system that meets your needs, goals, and budget. We will show you a satellite view of your roof and show you where the solar panels will be located. This gives you a visual view of the proposed system.

Our staff will provide a date for the installation after the license is issued. The normal time frame for most residential jobs is 3-5 days, and our team will keep you updated throughout the entire procedure.

When everything is finished, we will inform you about every element of your new solar panel system. But this is not where things finish. After then, we’ll regularly check the system from the office to make sure you keep getting the best output.

How much should I pay for my Illinois solar panel system?

Although every project is different, one of our consultants will come to your house to evaluate your solar circumstances to see whether you would be a fine fit for residential solar panels.

Basically, the cost of installing solar panels will differ based on the size, location, and other characteristics of your home, as well as the amount of available roof area.

To create a plan that is ideal for you, we will evaluate your current electricity consumption and talk about your spending. Then, while underlining any potential incentives and discounts, we will offer a comprehensive estimate for the installation of solar panels.

Do you provide financing for solar panel installations in Illinois?

We provide funding so you may begin the switch from conventional to renewable energy painlessly. Talk with one of our representatives about tax breaks, rebates, and suitable financing choices right away.