Most Surprising Solar Power Facts

Despite all of its advantages, solar energy still has some issues with how the public views it. Some people, for example, find it difficult to think that solar energy could be a practical source of electricity.

That said, here are some surprising facts about solar power you might not know yet:

Solar power is less expensive than fossil fuels

The first fact about solar energy that stands out is that it is more affordable than ever and, at current market rates, is even more affordable than fossil fuel energy. As technology has advanced and material costs have been reduced, solar power has become more accessible. 

The price of solar energy is also getting cheaper every year. This is because solar energy is becoming more and more popular, and because technology is advancing and making the process more efficient.

Solar panels may endure up to 25 years

A solar panel’s lifespan is at least 25 years. This means that you won’t need to worry about renewal expenses for a long time to enjoy the conveniences of solar energy.

In addition, solar panels can function effectively until the end of their lifespan. Therefore, regardless of their age, you can be confident that your solar panels will give you power for many years.

The first photovoltaic cell was created in 1839

A French physicist made the first official discovery of the photovoltaic phenomenon in 1839. Solar power generation did not, however, begin until the latter half of the 20th century.

It takes solar energy 8 minutes to reach here

Unbelievably, the sun’s intense heat takes eight minutes to reach our ground. Due to how far off the sun is, even at the speed of light, it requires eight minutes for the sun’s rays to get to earth.

Solar energy was utilized by the Romans

Some of the first people to use solar energy were the historical Romans. For instance, the Baths of Caracalla and Ostia were built with numerous sizable south-facing windows to allow the sun to heat and illuminate the heated areas of the baths.

To lower the price of solar panels, you can “group buy”

The expense of installation and purchase prevents households from using solar panels on a big scale. Now that there is a collective buying program, everyone can easily and affordably purchase solar panels and batteries.

Installing solar panels on your property is a terrific idea when done in a group as it will help all of you save money. Even better, the group will be the one to verify a provider’s service quality so you don’t have to do it independently.

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